Performance Intelligence

When the world financial crisis hit in 2008 there were a small number of people who were able to process what was going on, engage with their teams and people around them, and make the necessary choices to ensure they were successful. Welcome to the world of Performance Intelligence (PQ). Undergoing PQ training helps deliver sustained levels of high performance through: – Developing heightened levels of self awareness – Identifying and increasing your levels of Situation Awareness (the missing link) – Developing your levels of Grounded Confidence that underpin Psychological Safety enabling you to make better choices when they are most required

Behaviour Change

In many situations High Performers are allowed to get away with sometimes questionable behaviours.  The cost of this remaining un-noticed or ignored can often outweigh the perceived benefit such individuals bring.  Helping these High Performers and organisations in dealing with these behaviours, to help the ‘leopard to change their spots’, is huge. Yes it is hard work, yet it is achievable and sustainable. I have developed a process that enables people to face into the reasons that sit behind their behaviours and move to exploring different desired patterns of behaviour. The old behaviours can always be accessed but the real skill comes through people choosing the new behaviours instead.

Grounded Confidence

There is a big difference between those who have it and those who just pretend to.   More importantly everyone can see it the moment they walk in the room. Enabling leaders to walk with a real Grounded Confidence, with the gravitas to support it, creates a solid platform from which to engender High Performance in others as well as developing a new level of trust. The Grounded Confidence course enables leaders to explore where they are currently at, as well as the barriers that get in the way.  They are then able to work within a small group to develop new ways of doing things that continually pushes the envelope. By the end of the course you have a group of leaders who are aware of the things that get in the way of their own performance as well as equipping them with the tools and techniques to lead and influence others to be High Performing.

Elephant In The Room

In many teams or organisations there is often a topic, issue, problem (or person!) that everyone knows exists but is never talked about in open forum for fear of all sorts of consequences. Having the ability to get this subject on the table and discussing it without fear can be the key to unblocking the path to High Performance. I have developed a tool to enable these discussions to take place without the negative emotions getting in the way and messing things up.


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