Welcome to Performance Intelligence

High performance does not happen by accident. It requires high levels of self-awareness, the ability to read situations, respond appropriately, influence and inspire others, whilst being able to keep a cool head throughout.

Our modular approach has been designed to help leaders recognise, practice and develop their leadership styles to enable them to deliver sustained levels of high performance.

It focuses on what is important and delivers an unrivalled experience that embeds contemporary leadership skills to ensure that you can deliver success, whatever the situation.

In 2008, as the world’s financial markets collapsed, there were a small number of leaders who were able to not only survive, but thrive. What they demonstrated, so we came to realise, could be trained and developed to enable others to deliver high performance, whatever the situation.


The leader who has a good understanding of ‘self’ has a greater chance of being successful.

Enhancing this gives access to a greater array of ‘high performance’ choices at every step.

Areas covered:

  • Explore the reasons why you are the way you are and uncover who you really are.
  • Understand why you behave the way you do and what hinders you along the way.
  • Get to grips with what you are really able to control and influence.



Working, with and for others can often be a rocky experience.

The ability to do this wellimproves performance, developsa positive culture and reduces the amount of time that is wasted in repairing the damage.

Areas covered:

  • Develop the skills to recognise and understand the perspectives of others.
  • Understand how relationships work and what is important in building connections that are both strong and sustainable.
  • Learn how to balance the best ways to communicate to achieve the best outcomes.



We live in a constantly changing world.

How leaders perceive the bigger picture, anticipate changes, and make the best decisions is essential.

Areas covered:

  • Giving you the tools to handle critical situations.
  • Understanding the politics of change and how best to align for success.
  • Being able to make the best decisions, for the best outcomes and move to action.


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