Performance Arc

When studying High Performers there are a number of factors to consider:

  1. Awareness – how (self) aware are you of what is going on around you: for you, othersand in any given situation?
  2. Reality – how much do you grasp the reality of what is going on around you and what the most likely outcomes are?
  3. Choice – putting your levels of Awareness and Reality together determines the quality of choices available to you.

The High Performer is aware of what is going on and has an exceptional grasp of reality of what will play out. They are then able to make the best overall choice to produce the best outcome.

This is a dynamic model that means that we do not always operate with the same levels of awareness and reality. We move around the grid and more often than not we drift downwards where we are more susceptible to making poor choices.

This can be caused by our ever changing emotional state. Imagine receiving some feedback from a colleague which you interpret and react defensively to. You can often become tunnelled vision at this point and retreat which causes our levels of awareness and reality to decrease. And we know how that plays out…where are you and your team?

You may know people who are very aware but live in the fairytale world of delusion

As well as those who live in the constant world of harsh reality and are totally oblivious to themselves

What is it like when these 2 people have a conversation with each other??